In order to promote the development of treatments for rare illnesses, the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company together with the Saint Petersburg Repin Academy of Fine Arts and the HSE Art and Design School on 10 March 2021 announced the start of the fifth international art competition for students in art schools and universities, which is entitled Takeda. ART/HELP. Pushing the Limits of the Visible.

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Elena Kartasheva, president of Takeda Russia, explained the idea behind the project: ‘This year we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of Takeda. ART/HELP, a major international artistic social project designed to make a wide audience aware of the importance of developing treatments for rare illnesses. This is a significant date for the social project, and it underlines how firmly the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company is committed to the continuing development of new technologies and innovative treatments for patients with rare illnesses. Our project uses the language of art to inform the community about the achievements of modern medicine and about how the latest medical technologies are enhancing the lives of patients with rare illnesses.’

The project curator Alexandra Danilova notes: ‘We are inviting students of art schools and universities to use the works they create for the competition to show the effect of new technologies and new treatment methods on the lives of patients with rare illnesses. This should make the aspects of our lives that are not always noticed visible and prompt a search for new solutions — goals held in common by both medical science and modern art. The theme of the visible and perceptible could be considered one of the most important in art because over the past century artists have attempted to “penetrate” reality or, on the contrary, to “break out of the circle of objects” in order to reach a new all-encompassing outlook. Wassily Kandinsky’s words when he summoned artists to seek true meanings and draw back the “veil of the visible” come to mind once more.’



The contest is open for students of Arts institutes and colleges. Submitted works must show the artist’s interpretation of the main topic in any style, from figurative painting to abstraction. The competition will accept painted canvases, drawings, watercolours or gouache on paper, as well as printed graphics. Works entered in the competition should present an artistic interpretation of the stated theme executed in any style from the figurative to the abstract. The final exhibition will be an outdoor display of photographic copies of the artworks in the center of Moscow.

The prize-winning artworks from the Takeda. ART/HELP. Pushing the Limits of the Visible competition will be on display to the public during the second half of May, and the competition winners will be awarded a trip to Moscow to attend the gala opening of the finalists’ exhibition. The award ceremony will take place on 19 May 2021.


Electronic application forms for the competition are available online at until 10 April 2021 inclusive. Applications must include information about the artist (photo and brief biography), a short commentary on the works and an electronic image (1200 x 1800 pixels). Any questions about how to fill in the application form may be directed to: arthelp@inbox.ru.


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