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Acting as the organizer of socio-cultural projects, Takeda Company supports bright and talented artists, and by means of contemporary art, aims at attracting the society’s attention to the issue of developing palliative care in Russia. The two projects, in St Petersburg and Moscow, done in partnership with the St Petersburg Academy of Art and Stella Art Foundation will help shed new light on issues the society cares about. 

Takeda is a global, innovation-driven company. Takeda is committed to strive towards better health for patients through leading innovation in medicine that saves people’s lives. We understand the importance of patients’ emotional state. Art brings people harmony, improves the mood and gives joy, inspires, and distracts from daily routine. This is exactly what seriously ill patients need. The new social project will allow supporting talented Russian artists and attracting the society’s attention to the problem of palliative care in Russia, as well as the importance of painkilling for seriously ill patients.


For additional information, please contact Anna Svergun

Tel.: +7-905-544-18-83

E-mail: artpr@svergun.ru

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