Rules of the “Takeda. ART/HELP.

The Rule of the Exception” international art competition for students of art schools and universities

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1.1. “Takeda. ART/HELP. The Rule of the Exception” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) is held to support students of art schools and universities, as well as to draw attention to the importance of advancing diagnostics and treatment of orphan diseases and developing new medical technology. 

1.2. The Competition is organised by Takeda Russia.

1.3. The Competition is held under the auspices of and with financial support from Takeda Russia.


2.1. The Competition offers the following awards: 1) first prize; 2) second prize; 3) third prize. Works by artists who are students at art schools and universities in Russia and other countries are eligible for these prizes.

2.2. In addition to the Competition prizes, a separate prize in the category "For a creative approach to exploring the subject” will be awarded by Takeda Russia as the sole judge.

2.3. Applications for the Competition are to be submitted online (from 18 November  2019 to 18 January 2020). The application form has been developed by Takeda Russia. The application must include information about the artist (a photo and a short biography), a short description of the work, and a digital image of it (with a resolution of no less than 1200 ×1800 pixels or 300 dpi). The last day for submitting entries for the Competition is 18 January 2020.

2.4. The following persons and institutions are eligible to nominate artists and works for the Competition: 1) art schools, universities, students of art schools and universities; 2) members of the Jury of the Competition.

2.5. The written consent of the artists whose projects or works are nominated must contain the exact name of the artist(s) or the art group and the title of the project. The document must be signed personally by the artist. Artists who have not given their consent are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

2.6. The size of the work should not exceed 1 metre on its longest side.

2.7. Artists cannot be nominated for the prize posthumously.

2.8. The organisers of the Competition have the right to reject without explanation any submitted application.

2.9. The Jury will select no more than 7 nominees for each Competition category from all the applications submitted to the Competition. The final list of nominees will be compiled no later than 27 January 2020.

2.10. The works selected by the Jury will be exhibited at a show of the nominees to be held in Moscow at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation.

2.11. The winners of the Competition will be named by the members of the Jury during a meeting to be held 20-26 January 2020.

2.12. The Jury’s decisions on awarding prizes and naming the winners are made by a simple majority of votes and are recorded in a memorandum.


2.13. The Jury’s decisions will be announced and the prizes will be awarded at the exhibition venue, 28 February, during a ceremony that also issues certificates to the winners and awards special prizes.


3.1. The Competition will be conducted by the Organising Committee established by Takeda Russia together with the the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts.

3.2. The Organising Committee’s decisions are validated by a simple majority of votes provided that no less than half of the members of the Organising Committee take part in the voting.


4.1. The Jury is established to select works and projects for all categories of the Competition.

​4.2. The Jury is appointed by the Organising Committee, who will choose the Jury members from among Russian cultural figures working in art education and contemporary art.

​​4.3. The Jury shall undertake: 

4.3.1. Preliminary evaluation of all entries.

4.3.2. Preliminary voting. Preliminary votes shall select no more than seven nominees for each prize. Voting shall be completed no later than 27 January 2020.

4.3.3. Choice of the winners for each of the Competition’s awards from among the seven nominees arrived at through preliminary voting.

4.3.4. Choice of the winners of other awards prior to opening of the exhibition of the works of the nominees.

4.3.5. Decisions of the Jury are final provided that they are arrived at by a simple majority of no less than half of the total membership.


5.1. The Organiser of the Competition establishes the following prizes and special prizes: 


1) The first prize of 50,000 rubles (the equivalent in euros at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia as of the day of transfer of funds) and the title of Winner of the Competition;


2) Two second prizes of 30,000 rubles (the equivalent in euros at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia as of the day of transfer of funds) and a certificate of award; 


3) Three third prizes of 15,000 rubles (or the equivalent in euros at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia as of the day of transfer of funds) and a certificate of award; 


4) The Takeda Russia Award “For a creative approach to exploring the subject”;


5) Seven winners will enjoy an all-expense-paid three-day trip to Moscow to attend the award ceremony.

5.2. Each nominee of the Competition will be given a certificate signed by a representative of the Organiser of the Competition.

5.3. The prizes are paid in euros and are not subject to taxation, in accordance with Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated February 6, 2001, No. 89 “On Approving the List of International, Foreign and Russian Awards for Outstanding Achievements in Science and Technology, Education, Culture, Literature, Art and Mass Media, Whose Prizes, Received by Taxpayers, Are Not Subject to Taxation.”

5.4. The winners of the Competition shall be paid the prize money upon receipt of their written application that conforms to the samples provided by the Organising Committee of the Competition. 


6.1. Takeda Russia covers all the expenses related to organising and holding the Competition’s activities and events.