Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited is a global, innovation-driven company. Takeda is committed to strive towards better health for patients worldwide through leading innovation in medicine that saves people’s lives. The company focuses on development and production of innovative medicine to treat disease in gastroenterology, oncology, the central nervous system, cardio-vascular system, and metabolic disease, as well as vaccine development. Takeda also leads research and development, on its own or in collaboration with scientific community and other pharmaceutical/biotechnological companies to accelerate innovation and accumulation of the best and brightest ideas. Innovative products, especially in the areas of oncology and gastroenterology, as well as presence in developing markets, are the key drivers of the company’s growth. Takeda’s more than 30,000 staff aim at improving patients’ lives, in collaboration with partners in healthcare in more than 70 countries of the world. 

ООО Takeda Farmasyutikals (Takeda Russia) central office is located in Moscow and is part of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Osaka, Japan. Additional information on Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited is available on the website www.takeda.com, Takeda in Russia at www.takeda.com.ru.



Federal state higher education establishment, the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture, named after I.E.Repin of the Russian Academy of Art was established by the Governing Senate decree of November 6 (19 old style) 1757.

The higher education institution is owned by the Russian Federation. The ownership functions and authority lay with Russia’s culture ministry. 

Numerous famous Russian artists studied at the academy, and acquired professional skill that allowed them to lead the artistic life of their time. The academy’s students brought glory to Russian art having created images of profound thought celebrating the beauty of Russian people and their aspirations. 

The academy’s students included the following: A.P. Losenko, F.S. Rokotov, D.G. Levitsky, O.A. Kiprensky, V.A. Tropinin, S.F. Schedrin, K.P. Brullov, A.A. Ivanov, P.A. Fedotov, I.N. Kramskoy, V.I. Surikov ,V.A. Serov, E.I. Repin, I.I. Brodsky, I.E. Grabar, M.B. Grekov, as well as architects V.I. Bazhenov, E.I. Starov, A.D. Zakharov, V.P. Stasov, and sculptors F.I. Shubin, M.I. Kozlovsky, I.P.Martos, S.S. Pimenov, V.I. Demut-Malinovsky, P.K. Clodt, M.M.Antokolsky, and many others. 

Still today, the basis of the academic process at the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture of the Russian Academy of Arts is the principle of succession of the best traditions of the domestic and world art. 

Five faculties comprise more than 700 full-time students and about 800 part-time students from Russia and abroad. 
Based on its rich artistic experience, developing and renewing it in line with the changing times, the Repin Institute looks confidently into the future, and does not forget the traditional recognition of the great social role of an artist and the obligation to serve his motherland.  




An international platform for meetings, open dialog and sharing of experience among experts in culture and cultural policy, the representatives of state power, politicians, businessmen from various countries, the discussion of problems and trends of the development of global and Russian cultural life, comfortable communication space for people working with culture, potential partners and investors.

“It is well known that culture in the broad meaning of the word forms high goals and moral principles, guides along the right path in the search for the purpose of life,” Russia's President Vladimir Putin said when attending the forum in 2015.

This year, the forum will take place on November 16-18 (Thursday-Saturday) 

The event organizers:
•    Russian Government;
•    St. Petersburg Government;
•    With support of Russia's Culture Ministry.



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