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On September 24, 2020, the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and the St Petersburg Repin Academy of Fine Arts will present the exhibition The Rule of the Exception in Russia’s second-largest city, which will be part of the company’s international social project Takeda. Art/Help. In late February 2020, the exhibition and the awards ceremony of the 4th Takeda. Art/Help International Competition were successfully held at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation in Moscow.

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“We are really happy to have the opportunity to present in Saint Petersburg our large-scale social and art project Takeda. ART/HELP, which is titled The Rule of the Exception this year and is held to support diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. We presented the project with great success in Moscow earlier this year and we hope that it will be highly appreciated by the visitors in Russia’s northern capital,” says President of Takeda Russia, Elena Kartasheva. “It is for a reason that we have taken up the subject of diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. As a leader in the development of innovative therapy for the treatment of patients with rare diseases, Takeda carries out extensive research in this field, working together with leading medical centers in Russia and around the world; the company looks to increase the availability of innovative therapy and new treatment methods for Russian patients and produces some of its medicines at its factory in the city of Yaroslavl and the production facilities of its partners. We organize social and charity projects and stage educational programs aimed at raising awareness about the medicine of rare diseases and the latest breakthroughs that help patients overcome their condition.”


Semyon Mikhailovsky, Rector of the the St Petersburg Repin Academy of Fine Arts, said: “It’s a great honour for us to work with the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, which, by developing innovative medicines, helps people with serious diseases. Our long and fruitful relationship has seen brilliant events, competitions and exhibitions. We’re excited by the idea of artists working on topics of social significance as many of them find themselves at the forefront of social processes, addressing contemporary issues which concern millions of people living in different countries and on different continents.”

The exhibition is made up of several sections. The first part of the project presents the works by the winners of the 2020 international art competition. The competition was open for two months, from November 18, 2019 to January 18, 2020, with the organizing committee receiving about 250 entries from 69 cities in 22 countries. The exhibition features around 50 works, including those created by the winners of the competition, who were respectively awarded the first, second and third prizes as well as the Takeda Special Mention. Maksim Korolkov, a student of the the St Petersburg Repin Academy of Fine Arts, claimed the first prize for his painting Hospital Clown.


The curator of the project, Sergey Khachaturov, says: “People often say “Exceptions only prove the rules” without actually giving this phrase a second thought. But, when speaking about the human community, it is totally wrong. In the world of humans, every person is an exception. Everyone’s unique and needs to be approached individually, not in a general way that is deemed to be the right one. It is here, in this formula, that the great humanistic message of civilization lies. Caring for everyone, with each person being unique and special, is our responsibility and duty. Artists of the younger generation are addressing the subject of The Rule of the Exception in a competition organized by Takeda, a pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing innovative therapy for patients with rare diseases. The theme brings closer together the world of humanistic science and the world of art. After all, every artist is unique, and being an exception is what makes them creative.”

A section of the exhibition features a sound installation and an information zone with materials provided by the All-Russian Society of Rare (Orphan) Diseases, the Wind of Hopes Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Assisting Patients with Short Bowel Syndrome with Metabolic Disorders, and the Trust Interregional Public Organization for Support of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS). Here, visitors will hear the voices of Russian patients with rare diseases, talking about themselves and their dreams.


Also on display at the exhibition are two short films by Veniamin Ilyasov. In A Student-to-Be, featuring Igor Yasulovich, Tatyana Lazareva and Tatyana Vedeneyeva, the protagonist gets a chance to change his life despite life’s many adversities. The second film, Students, is a story of obstacles on the path to creativity being cleverly overcome only to unleash, with a vengeance, the unique nature of talent. The two short films were produced in cooperation with a partner of the project, the Moscow Art Theater School.


The exhibition is open from September 25 till October 4, 2020.

St Petersburg Repine Academy of Fine Arts, Italian Hall

Address: St Petersburg, Universitetskaya Embankment, 17

Free admission



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